The OSDS is a non-profit dedicated to promoting swing dancing culture in Ottawa, ON, on unceded Algonquin territory.

Our dances are on Friday nights!

Our next events are on:

We enjoy seeing our community members both returning and new, moving, grooving and having a great time on our large dance floor.  

Haven’t danced before?   No Problem.

A one-hour introductory lesson is included with admission. It will get you started to dance and ready for the rest of the night. No partner is necessary as we switch dance partners often during the lesson. Lindy hop aka. swing dancing is a social dance which means we emphasize meeting people and socializing.

Invite your friends. The more the merrier! 
Everyone is welcome. 
New and have questions? Visit here for more  info.   


☰ Footwear and Attire ☰
To help preserve our dance floor, and for better movement, bring a pair of clean, dry shoes for dancing. Flat indoor shoes are recommended (sneakers, flats, oxford, etc.). Bring a refillable water bottle and comfortable clothing to dance in!
(We do have some bottled water and drinks for sale but environmentally friendly options are always best.)

St Joseph’s Parish basement (174 Wilbrod St). 
(How to get here & parking.)

7:45 Doors Open
8:00 Beginner / Introductory Lesson
9:00-11:30 Social Dancing

Payment/Entrance Fee
DJed evenings ― $12 (cash/square)
Live Band Nights ― $20-30 (sliding scale) cash/square
(*Feel free to pay more if you're willing/able.)


Looking to find out about other chances to dance? 
Check out our Community Google Calendar Facebook Page's Events  and  Facebook Group Wall
(If you find others events let us know and we'll add them.
We do our best to make sure things are added to as many of those places as possible with the exception of Ottawa events that conflict with our dances.)  

Interested in volunteering?
We're usually in need of helpers. As a "thanks", you'll receive free admission on the same day.  Come talk to one of the exec, teachers, or DJs at a Friday night dance, or send an email to swingottawa AT to get more information.  

Long time dancers have seen many venues come and go. Some with live music where we've crashed the party, or that was hosted with us in mind.  With DJed set breaks or with DJs as the main attraction. Tiny convoluted spaces to dance or larger ones on all sorts of floor surfaces. They have mostly all come and gone.

 The OSDS' dances (and events) have always been welcoming to everyone, had the best floors and atmosphere. It is the one and only dance place that has been a constant and stood the test of time. 
   The OSDS is Ottawa's Home of Lindy Hop.  
We're an official entity, a registered not for profit organization, who's mandate is to support the swing dance community in Ottawa.
During the pandemic, we weren't hosting dances money and wasn't coming in, the OSDS' Exec was working hard to put the organization into a hybernation mode. We kept spending to a minimum by putting services on hold, enquired about service  discounts, due to changes in usage but some aspects had to be kept and some basic expenses; licenses, insurance that still needed to be paid.
We're happy to be back but as door numbers were low for months, we're still in recovery mode.  
 There are all sorts of lovely free events that pop up and that is wonderful! Go, have a good time, experience those awesome things (and we'll often give suggestions) but please think of it as a lovely bonus. Do your best to try for an AND and not an OR. If you're able to, please come to both. If not, try not to be gone too long.  We really do miss you.

If you appreciate having a reliable and stable place to go dancing that has been around for decades+
Do not take it for granted that it will always be here, support it.  
Invite your friends to join you when you go. Its always more fun that way.  Have an especially good time during an evening?  Consider giving us a tip or making a donation.  Thanks. 


Please take some time to read about the Black American origins of swing dancing.

Jazz music and dances are Black American art forms. Swing music and dance have been shaped by the experience of oppression, slavery, and segregation. 

Lindy Hop emerged as a defiant, joyous response to financial hardship caused by the Great Depression, harsh living conditions, and systemic racism. 

As a community that enjoys this amazing dance and music, it is important to know and celebrate its history.

It’s also equally important to celebrate its culture,  values and the very people and communities who have created it. Not only out of respect and in an effort not to be appropriative, but because Lindy Hop is a dance of Black liberation, and simply because of our shared humanity.


Donate to the Black Lindy Hoppers Fund if you can!


Join us on Zoom for the Online Swing and Blues Dance. Stay as little or long as you'd like, audio/video on or off as you see fit. Sit, and listen, dance on your own, or meet up for your own dance party. Engage and interact or allow us to provide the soundtrack for your evening.
The last Wednesday of the month is; Bottom Of the Month Blues. Music starts at 7 PM & ends around 10 PM.
(You can choose to stay late & socialize.)  Spread the word!  House DJs: John Salalila (Windsor) & Jody Glanzer (Ottawa) Run by WE Swing Dance, Red Maple Blues & the Ottawa Swing Dance Society.


Dear Dance Community,

We hope this message finds you all in good health and high spirits. We want to take a moment to express our gratitude for your continued support and participation in Ottawa Swing Dance Society.

After careful consideration and consultation with our Executive and members, we have reached a decision regarding our mask policy. Starting at our our dance on June 2nd, wearing masks will be optional. We understand that this has been a topic of concern and controversy within our community, and we want to assure you that we have approached this decision with utmost care and sensitivity.

While wearing masks will be optional, we will still maintain our commitment to providing a clean and safe environment for all attendees. Disposable masks will continue to be offered at the door. We also encourage attendees to wash or sanitize their hands throughout the evening. We will remain vigilant in our efforts to ensure a welcoming and inclusive experience for everyone who joins us on the dance floor.

Our primary goal has always been to prioritize the well-being and safety of our dance community. We acknowledge and respect that individuals may have different comfort levels and personal circumstances that influence their decision on whether or not to wear a mask. We encourage everyone to be understanding and non-judgmental of others' choices. Mutual respect and kindness are the foundations of our vibrant dance community, and we trust that these values will continue to guide us moving forward.

We understand that change can be challenging, especially when it comes to matters of public health. We kindly request that you approach discussions surrounding this decision with empathy and respect. Let's foster an atmosphere of open dialogue, where differing opinions can be shared in a constructive manner.

Thank you all for your ongoing support, understanding, and cooperation during these times. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Swing Nights. Together, we can continue to create positively unforgettable dance experiences.

Wishing you joy, happiness, and good health.